We are writing to thank Lew for his help in selling of our father’s home in Brockton. Being first timers with selling a home, Lew was there for us every step of the way. He answered every question we had, even if he had to answer it several times. He made us understand the entire process. He went above and beyond what a realtor should have to do. It was a pleasure working with him. I would hire him in a heartbeat again.

James Taylor and Family

“Lew goes above and beyond in his work. He helped us buy our first home and was available to us whenever we needed him. I would highly reccommend using Lew as your realtor, and if your lucky enough you will make a fantastic friend as well.”

Melissa Garner

“Lew is a very attentive and thorough individual to work with. I had the pleasure of working on several accounts with him and I could always count on the job getting completed the correct way the first time.”

Thanks Lew for all your help in renting my house in a very difficult part of the city. The last realtor I used had no idea how to market the rental and no plan for keeping people coming in to see it. You in contrast had a plan and implemented it quickly and smoothly. What a world of difference with the results. I will never use another realtor. You are the best in my book and I have been a landlord since 1990.
Thanks again
Ken MacLeod

Josh Carder

“”I have worked with Lew for several years and he has consistently been professional, dependable and successful. Lew has developed a very good reputation as someone you can count on to exceed objectives and goals. Lew has integrity, enthusiasm and communicates a clear value proposition. He is a consummate professional. He is personable, detail oriented, and dedicated to providing his clients with a high level of service. I am sure these attributes will be valued in any field.”” January 12, 2010

Wesley Hardin

“Lewis assisted me in a large scale direct sale that made me successful in 08. Lewis executed on this flawlessly, and I am forever grateful. Lewis would make any organization successful with his hard work and dedication.”

Patrick Burns

“Lew took his position seriously and was extremely organized. He always came to meetings well prepared and was detailed oriented. Lew knew the operation capabilities and managed his customers to ensure their needs were met.

Barbara Casagrande

“I had the pleasure of working with Lew McConkey at the onset of our careers and know him as a true sales professional and a down to earth individual. Lew is creative and resourceful in his approach to winning and maintaining business while at the same time operating with great integrity. Being held in high esteem by teammates and customer alike has allowed Lew continued success at growing his business. As a colleague you could not ask for better. Lew is an asset to any organization.”

Bernard Rawlins

“Lew is a detail oriented professional who is able to deal with up and downs in business. Lew was never daunted by the administrative paperwork and always had a agreeable attitude despite the challenges in today’s business environment.”

Lee Angland

“Lew was and is a very detail and results oriented sales professional. His work ethic is excellent.”


Lori Antoine

“I worked with Lew McConkey on various projects as my sales representative. Lew was great with assisting me with the logistics of the account from putting samples together to managing the items going in and out the door for the client. Lew was also a great resource in helping me work with the customer in closing business. His knowledge of the product was essential in finding the correct type to suggest to the customer, and his confident tone helped the customer feel at ease with choosing.”

Michael Venditto

“Lew has always been a rep that you can depend on no matter what the situation may be. He has a daily focus on all of his customers & works hard to grow & retain them. It is has been a pleasure working with Lew over the last 5 years & I appreciate all he as done for myself & my market.”

Robert Paccitti

“Lew is without doubt one of the most dedicated account managers I have ever worked with. Lew shows a dedication to his customers not matched at his level. The spirit and energy that Lew exhibited year over year showed with his results and his retention. Lew is an award winning account manager and it was a pleasure to have worked with him”

Nicholas Milne

“I had the pleasure to work with Lew for almost eight years. We worked with different divisions covering the same territory so we ended up collaborating on projects frequently. Lew’s ability to listen to a customer’s needs and use that information to put together solutions is unparalleled. On one occasion Lew used his unique skill set to help us land a three year contract worth 2million dollars in the Washington DC area. In this case the customer’s needs were very demanding but that did not stop Lew from getting creative and coming up with the perfect solution! I would recommend Lew. I would hire Lew. I would leave my children with Lew. I cannot say enough about the man’s character or professionalism.”

Greg Murray

“Lew is the most knowledgeable sales representative I had the pleasure to work. His understanding of government procurement was instrumental in helping us secure multi hundred-thousand dollar contracts. Lew was extremely helpful in training me to be able to identify large government opportunities and properly respond to government bid/RFP request, and a true key contributor to my success.”

Jason Moaney

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Lew McConkey. As colleagues, we have collaborated on numerous marketing projects in support of his sales initiatives. He is extremely bright, articulate, and knowledgeable about the products he sells and the needs of his customers. He has impressed me with his strategic vision and the discipline to accomplish his goals. But I am not alone in these thoughts. In fact, Lew’s colleagues in the external sales force speak very highly of him as well. They credit him for his teamwork, drive, leadership and, as always, the person who makes the difference in winning a bid. For all of these reasons I would recommend Lew highly for any position he would want to pursue. I believe that Lew is multi-faceted and is a great asset to any team or company!”

Frances Pratt

“I had the pleasure of working with Lew. Lew is a tremendous sales representative who has experience with both individual and team sales .He was a leader among the sales team and he always lead by example. One of the kindest people I’ve ever meet, Lew was always there to answer questions or provide assistance to fellow co-workers Lew was an incredible inspiration to me. His goal oriented work ethic helped me establish my own sales strategy that I use to this day. Lew is a positive influence on everyone he works with. It is with great confidence that I recommend Lew McConkey.”

Thomas Cunio

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