Want the Perfect Home? Build it Yourself!

I am a huge used car fan, always have been. I’ve never been happy with new car pricing. I do most of my own mechanical work, so buying other people’s problems (After all, the last owner sold their car for a reason!) and fixing them was more along the lines of a challenging puzzle, than a real financial hardship. Since I do the work myself, labor costs aren’t a problem either. Just my time, my effort and parts needed are the only expenses to me.

Buying an existing home is very similar to buying a used car. They’re both yours. You spend a huge amount of time in both. Both are a reflection of you that, whether we like or agree with it or not, we display to the public eye daily. You’re responsible for their maintenance an upkeep and the neighbors do watch. I’d find it very challenging to find a neighborhood anywhere, that people aren’t complaining about “THAT HOUSE”. You know, the one with the untrimmed hedges, uncut grass, stained siding and maybe damaged roof, and the list goes on. Every neighborhood has one. Buying an existing home usually entails some expense after the sale. If you haven’t bought someone else’s problems(Horray! You, lucky devil, need to pick me some lottery numbers.), you might need to do some customizing to make the home, really fit you and your needs.

General exceptions to that rule are condo communities, like the Village at Auburnville on Route 14 in Whitman, where exterior maintenance and upkeep are handled by the Condo Association, for a monthly fee. Also, New home developments like Orchard Estates near Whitman Center offer a gorgeous area. The homes are all new or recent builds, so they’re in excellent condition.

Buying an existing home is easier, in some ways. The structure and function is already there. You only need to adapt it to you, you’re needs and your image, once you own it. But you’re somewhat limited by the existing structure and creatively/cost effectively finding a way to make it work for you.

The best part of New Construction or Custom Building is you get just what you want. Builder’s may guide you or or you may guide them, in creating the image, the function…the specific environment you dream of. Do you want a farmer’s porch? How about an attached garage? One or two cars? Three or four bedrooms? Want a Master Bath? I’d like a custom game room/family room. Would you? The choices are as endless as your imagination.

Get the information and find out for sure what your options really are. You might be able have a dream vacation home, as your primary residence. If this sounds like it’s for you, Call me and we can set up a no cost/no obligation meeting with a one of the most successful builders in Whitman. Life is good, huh? Enjoy it, in style, and…

Have Fun!

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Lew McConkey

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